EDS-103 E Journal Module 5 By: Angela Maglabe

It is enjoyable to learn things especially interesting things. I remember when I was still young,  I enjoyed school so much that I memorized all the things in the book. That’s how our brain works. It can even work better than a computer. It process the information, it stores and can retrieve whenever necessary.  It can always retrieve the memories, specific dates and emotions that we felt during the time it was happened.

My brain can still retrieve the memories of my first teacher, Mrs. Mabesa. She looks like a strict teacher, wearing glasses, talking loud in the class, holding a long stick that was ready to hit the hands of whoever misbehaving in the class. Of course, no matter how behaved  I am during that time, I always feel afraid to her.  It didn’t took me too long to retrieve my childhood memories. I can still remember it vividly. From the time I went to kindergarten up to my college days.

My long term memory are still good, my episodic memory are still good. I can say that our brain can store the information that is/are very significant for us . Either it happened yesterday or many years back, it is still in our memories.

One thing I can say our brain does amazingly is the process of memorizing facts, ideas, information. For me, memorizing during my student days were a big thing. That’s why I did clustering which I break down information then connecting the other words to related information. I also use a mnemonics. And it worked for me very well.

My learning experiences makes me more capable to know the different ways how to learn more, develop effective learning strategies, instructional design that can benefit my future students.

EDS-103 Social Learning Theories in Distance Learning By: Angela Carmen Maglabe

Based on my own experience, being a distance learner is challenging yet exciting. This is my first time to take the course without a teacher or classmates around. Only the computer, books, modules and my eagerness to finish the task on time are the one that motivates me to keep on going and going through the rest of the day working my assignments and my course activity. As days goes by, I am beginning to develop a self-discipline. And I consider that particular behavior important for the learners to acquire.

In a distance learning world,  learners should have a self  discipline to achieve the levels of success they desire. To be able to acquire the self-discipline behavior a student in distance learning course should :

1) Set an Active Goal-  active goal setting gives us direction and helps us to avoid distractions by seeing just what needs to be done in a given day.

2) Stay focused- This will help you to set the most important goals on your list for the next day. see yourself achieving your goals and imagine the feelings of success which will come along with this.

3) Prioritize Tasks- accomplish your more stressful tasks first, so that you begin to do this with more consistency, and will be less stressed throughout the rest of your day. This will allow you to be more productive on your other less important activities.

4) Persistence-it is a certain habit that helps us to not give up. It allows us to get back again when we fail.

5) Effectively manage time-we have a room for the stuff that is important we we can properly manage our time. We have room for the activities that will help us achieve our goals.

6) Eat good nutritious foods- Good nutrition equals a smarter brain and better energy. Start your day with a breakfast high in protein and low in carbs.

7) Get sufficient rest- important key to success is to have your mind and body ready and prepared for each day. There is nothing better for concentration and the ability to be patient then getting enough rest.

8) Reward yourself- treat yourself or share time to enjoy with your loved ones when you achieve something.

You should keep positive, maintain healthy and stay motivated which turns you into greater success in life.

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EDS 103-Module 3- My Experience By: Angela Carmen Maglabe

When I was still in highschool, I never dreamed of becoming a nurse. I am focused to be in a different field of profession. My older sister during that time was studying the nursing course, was encouraging me to take the same course as her. To make the long story short, I took the course I did not chose to be.

Everyday I go to the school my mother keep on telling me that  it is worth to take nursing course because I can have a good life, good job, big opportunity to go abroad if I finish my course. Everyday I went to school, I am not focused. However, every class examination I took, I passed , learning new things in a medical field makes me more eager to learn more. My parents gave me praises because I am starting to like my course. Well, to be honest, they were right. During that time, the praises & encouragement I was receiving challenged me to do my best shot in school. Because of that, I got good grades. That satisfying effect makes  me study harder and before I knew it,  I finished my nursing course . I’m so glad that my parents were very patience and supportive to me.

EDS-103 Theories of Intelligence Angela Carmen Maglabe

Before studying this Module, my definition of intelligence is limited. For me, Intelligence is having great ability to achieve academically and can be able to learn and solve problems fast as compare to the others. But after reading and learning Module 2, I can say that I am more informed and aware about the deeper meaning of intelligence.

Intelligence not only involves mental abilities such as logical reasoning, problem solving, planning. It also includes ability to understand emotions, impulses, moods, building rapport to achieve effective communication to the society, even a passion to work are considered an intelligence. An Emotional Intelligence.

In my personal view, Emotional Intelligence is the most important intelligence. I must admit that it covered the social skills, emotional maturity that is necessary to adapt in our day to day living.

Experts recognized that both genetics and environment  influences in determining intelligence. Another thing that catches my attention was about the high IQ person of being successful in their lives.

 In our modern society, we always believed that intelligent people or High IQ persons always have a good life, better job, very successful.  According to the experts, being successful in life of these High IQ persons are expected. However, it is not enough to have a high intelligence ( IQ) to be  successful.  There are some factors that can determine a success in work or in life. These are life experiences, educational attainment personality factors( motivated, willingness, creative, committed, and mature emotion).


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EDS 103 Theories of Learning

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been doing assignments, reading my lessons, quizzes. I can’t believe after so many years I’m back doing all of this, like a first time.  To be honest, that is really hard. With all the modern technology( using computer, making a blog like this, reading articles, e-books) I should really work hard to be more familiar with these things.

However, I find it more challenging and encouraging to learn things online.

About the Module 1, it was discussed about the meaning of Learning, Theories. How   these things correlate with each others. Learning is acquisition of new knowledge or changing/development of existing knowledge composed of behaviour,skills,values. Learning can also result from either through constant practice or by experience. Due to maturation, the learning process changed.

In a learning process, theories are said to be playing an important role. To be able to understand learning, we have to understand the theories and the rationales behind them. Theories help us to look complex issues to make it simple by conducting analysis. In that way, we can learn new things or there is a development of informations. A change in skills or performance by experience and interaction is considered learning.

Doing a research should also consider in a learning practice. The teacher should look for a techniques that can promote learning of the student. Educational research can improve the practice, add knowledge about the student and ways to facilitate the learning process. It also helps to expand the knowledge and also helps to revise the theory and practice that can help to different student needs. There are different types of research such as : descriptive, correlational, experimental.( There might be some other that I didn’t mention here) What ever kind of research it is, all of these are helpful to the teacher and also beneficial to the student as well in their learning process.

I am really glad I took this subject. Because I learned a lot and it can help me to be more equipped as a future educator.

Have a good day to everyone.


EDS 111 Welcome and Introduction page

Hello everyone. This is Angela Maglabe. I finished B.S. Nursing and presently working, a mother of 2 teen kids. I decided to take the PTC course because I really want to teach someday.

Online learning is exciting yet challenging to some people because it needs a lot of reading, patience and more of a time management. This is my first time to take an online study program in UPOU, so for me I expect more discipline to do in terms of study habits,well-organized and really a lot of research to make the subject matter easier to understand. Proper time management is also very important.

Results of Questionnaire

In the Study Skills Inventory, it shows that I need to be more focus in textbooks, notetaking and time management. I got an Intermediate self regulation capacity or in a middle (moderate) quantiles from the Self-Regulation Questionnairre. Lastly, it was concluded that I am a Good time Manager when I took the Time management Skills test.

As a learner, it need to have more time in reading and should aim to managing my time properly and systematically. Communicating with others also makes me to learn more about the subject matter and doing a research to enhance my learning skills.

Pledge of Commitment 

My pledge of commitment is to  finish this course, enhance my learning skills through reading, proper communication from my classmates and teacher so that I can be a better educator someday.


Have a nice day everyone. Happy learning.

EDS111 Welcome and Introduction page

Hello everyone. This is Angela

Online learning is exciting yet challenging in terms of mode of delivery of instructions,submitting assignment and way of communicating your teacher and classmates on line.

Being a student in a online program in UPOU  should have a discipline in doing the assignment and submitting it on time. Proper time managament is very important. Enhancing the learning skills will be